Honor Bands

Sign Up Information

Students that would like to audition for OMEA and/or NCDA may now sign up on the board in the band room. Students in grades 9-12 may audition for NCDA. Students in grades 10-12 may audition for OMEA. Simply put a check in the box beside your name for the honor band(s) you wish to audition for. If you are auditioning for more than one instrument or on an instrument besides what you normally play in concert band, indicate the instrument that you wish to audition for on the line provided. Share any important information with Mr. Hillock. 

Audition fees for OMEA are $15.00 for each entry. Audition fees for NCDA are $10.00 for the first entry/instrument and $5.00 for each additional entry/instrument.

Entry fees are due on or before September 13th. Students paying with cash must have the exact amount in an envelope marked with your name, the amount, and what the money is for. Students paying with check can just turn in the check.

Money may be turned in to Mr. Hillock or to a parent on Money-Fridays. 


Audition material for OMEA, NCDA, and BOA is now available online. It is recommended that students start working on the music as soon as possible. An early start will relieve some of the pressure and workload that can be felt during marching season. Diligent and consistent practice are key to a successful audition.

Honor band audition material will also be the material used for concert band auditions. The general time and date for Concert band auditions has not been set yet. Students were given a copy of audition music on the first day of school. 

Sign ups and additional information will be made available in late August/early September. Students who wish to audition for BOA National Honor Band will sign up online through the Music for All Website. 

Auditions for 1st Round OMEA & NCDA are Saturday, November 9th @ Owasso High School.


Click HERE for OMEA and HS NCDA audition material and scale information. Make sure to take note of the changes with scales in the audition process. This is for students in grades 10-12. 

Click HERE for NCDA Junior High audition material information. Students should download both the scales and Junior High Set 3 etudes. This is for students in grades 8-9.

Click HERE for BOA Honor Band of America audition information and packet. Students should read information thoroughly to be aware of deadlines, time commitments, and possible costs involved.