MS Band Fundraiser Information

Products were delivered to the school on Thursday, October 11th. Students should have taken boxes home, check for any missing or damaged items, and begin delivering products to patrons. Any money that has not been collected should be done at this time. Prizes are due to be shipped in the near future and will be given to students after arrival. 


The middle school band fundraiser has begun as of Thursday, September 6th. Students have a week to raise money to help offset the costs on the middle school band budget. Regular costs include music for concerts and contests, instrument repair, and equipment used at the school. 

Students that sell 12 or more items by Monday must have a director initial their order form in order to receive credit for extra prize incentives.

All order forms and money are due on Monday, September 17th and should be turned into Miss Arnold, Mr. Stevenson, or Mr. Hillock. Checks need to be made out to Jenks Band #986.

Products are tentatively scheduled to be delivered to the middle school on Thursday, October 11th.