Solo & Ensemble

Initial Information

Information updated Monday, January 8th. Please thoroughly read all information below. 

District solo & ensemble contest is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd at Sapulpa High School.  


Students must have original music with all measures numbered for the contest. Music selected by band directors have the originals. That music will be passed out to students right before contest. Students that do not have originals will need to order that music now and show it to Mr. Hillock, by Monday, February 5th.  


Everyone should be practicing on a regular basis. For solos, the month of January should be spent thoroughly learning your music. The month of February should be spent memorizing your solo and practicing with your accompanist. Depending on the demand of your solo - approximately three practice sessions is needed to be prepared. For ensembles, the month of January the main focus is on learning/perfecting your individual part. The month of February, the main focus is on polishing all musical aspects of the performance. Ensembles should be practicing together at least once a week to insure solid preparation for the contest. 


Students doing solos are responsible for finding their own musical selections and accompanist. Accompanist name HAS to be turned in by Friday, January 12th in order to be entered. The accompanist must be a live person, not a computerized program.  A computer may be utilized for practice purposes. It is highly recommended that an accompanist be secured before the end of the fall semester.  Click HERE to see a partial list of accompanists that has been used the last several years.

It is standard for private lesson teachers to select student solos.  However, a director is able to select a solo for a student if needed.  Indicate on the sign up sheet if you need a director to select your solo. Your director must approve all solos in order to insure that quality literature is being performed.

Solos are to be performed by memory and must be at least 3 minutes in length. Exceptions to this rule apply if a student is performing a solo that is on the Advanced Repertoire List (pages MU21-25 of Manual and posted at bandroom as well) or one that is a multi-movement work. For a solo to qualify as a multi-movement work, it must have three or four movements, be printed in visual form that is typical of a multi-movement work, and each movement is separate, titled, and performable alone. Theme and Variations does not qualify as a multi-movement work. Students that choose the multimovement route must prepare the entire piece for the judge. The judge, not the student, selects the movements to be performed at the contest. It is possible for a student to receive a superior rating at district contest without memorizing their solo, but students will not be allowed to qualify for state contest if they choose this option. Solos that are not at least three minutes in length will be docked one rating.


Pick standard instrumentation type ensembles (flute quartet, brass quintet, etc.), there are several types of ensembles to choose from. Duets are not allowed for HS students so ensembles must be at least three members. Students wanting to participate in ensembles should choose members who will be consistently available to practice, dependable, and eligible.  When signing up, indicate the type of ensemble and the students who will participate in the ensemble. Indicate on the sign up sheet if you need a director to select your ensemble music. Your director must approve all ensembles in order to insure that quality literature is being performed. Students may not duplicate ensembles (be in two of the same kind of ensemble, eg. - clarinet quartet, etc.)


Entry fees for district contest are:  solo - $10.00, small ensemble (2-6 members) - $18.00, medium ensemble (7-12 members) - $36.00, and larger ensemble (13-18) - $54.00.  Entry fees are also due on Friday, January 12th - the same day as accompanist information is due.  The cost for each ensemble will be divided evenly between each member per ensemble. A break down of cost is listed below. Costs are rounded to the nearest nickel.

Solos - $10.00 per student, per entry
Trio - $6.00 per student
Quartet - $4.50 per student
Quintet (5) - $3.60 per student
Sextet (6) - $3.00 per student
Septet (7) - $5.15 per student
Octet (8) - $4.50 per student
Nonet (9) - $4.00 per student
10 member ensemble - $3.60 per student
11 member ensemble - $3.30 per student
12 member ensemble - $3.00 per student
13 member ensemble - $2.75 per student
14 member ensemble - $2.60 per student
15 member ensemble - $2.40 per student
16 member ensemble - $2.25 per student
17 member ensemble - $2.10 per student
18 member ensemble - $2.00 per student

A list of fees for each individual student is listed HERE (updated 1/10). Everyone check this list ASAP for accuracy. Any changes MUST be communicated with Mr. Hillock ASAP. Fees may be paid by check (list name of student on memo line) or with cash. If a student pays by cash, money MUST be in an envelope with name of student, the amount, and that this is for solo & ensemble contest listed on the outside of envelope. It must be a real envelope – not a “I just thought of this at the last second make shift folded piece of paper”. Mr. Hillock will not be able to write a receipt or make change. If you give money to Mrs. Sims on Friday, understand that many students will be paying that morning. Come early enough to allow yourself (and others) enough time to pay and be to rehearsal on time.  

Review of Deadlines:
Piano Accompanist information - Friday, January 12th 
Entry Fees Paid - Friday, January 12th
Original Music in hand with measures #'d - Monday, February 5th

Information will be updated in mid-February after a performance schedule is made available.