NCDA Honor Band

Congratulations to the following students for making the NCDA Regional Honor Band:


PICCOLO - April Garcia-1st Alternate

FLUTE - Marissa Jonagan-4th Chari, Alexis Gibson-7th Chair, Lauren Choate-1st Alternate, April Garcia-3rd Alternate, Cheyenne Alsbrooks-5th Alternate

OBOE - Regan Jones-2nd Chair, Ryann Johnson-3rd Chair 

BASSOON - Jakob Olsen-2nd Chair, Gavin Bodenstab-3rd Alternate

Bb CLARINET - Sam Hjelm-4th Chair, Maloree Morris-5th Chair, Erin Ranta-7th Chair, Amelia Lollis-10th Chair, Jaydn Wenrick-12th Chair, Andrew Isaac-19th chair, Elaine McKenzie-24th Chair, Brianna Williams-6th Alternate  

BASS CLARINET - Dylan Borchert-2nd Alternate

ALTO SAX - Kate Omstead-2nd Chair (also 2nd chair tenor & 2nd chair bari), Ben Brown-4th Chair

TENOR SAX - Raina Campos-1st Alternate

TRUMPET - Oliver Robinson-1st Chair, Isaiah Medina-8th Chair, Shea Adolph-2nd Alternate, Ben Galles-4th Alternate, Grant Mullican-6th Alternate

FRENCH HORN - Caitlin Tygart-4th Chair, Maddox Kuehnert-6th Chair, Andrew Bennett-1st Alternate, Holly Hilst-3rd Alternate

TROMBONE - Ethan Hartman-1st Chair, Michael Lanigan-2nd Chair, Luke Church-1st Alternate

EUPHONIUM - Grant Adamson-2nd Alternate

TUBA - Quentin Keoninger-3rd Alternate

PERCUSSION - Aidan Henderson-1st chair, Ian Hetherington-8th Chair



FLUTE - Avery Looney-7th Chair, Kate Swenson-8th Chair, Lily Niu-9th Chair, Hailey Dammann-3rd Alternate

OBOE - Akshay Koushik-1st Alternate

BASSOON - Hannah Regier-2nd Chair

CLARINET - Emily Arlan-4th Chair

BASS CLARINET - Kaden Hawes-3rd Chair

TRUMPET - Jake Thomas-3rd Chair, Ethan Ratcliff-8th Chair

FRENCH HORN - Michael Deutscher-2nd Chair

TROMBONE - Matthew Beyer-1st Chair

PERCUSSION - Thomas Deutscher-7th Chair

Honor Band Clinic Information:

Each student is to pay $25.00 Hotel Fee. Check or Cash is acceptable. Cash should be exact change (Mr. Hillock cannot and will not make change) and in an envelope marked with your name. Checks should be made out to Jenks Band. The fee is due on or before Thursday, December 12th. Students may want to include their NCDA hotel fee payment at the same time as OMEA final round auditions - even though the deadlines are two different dates. Students may use their trip account to pay for the hotel. Requests to do this must be sent to Jennifer Betancourt by Thursday, December 5th.

Students should regularly and diligently practice honor band music so as to be prepared for group rehearsals. These rehearsals are intended for the group to learn to play as an ensemble, experience quality literature, enjoy the honor band experience, and give a top-quality performance on Saturday afternoon. In order for this to occur, students must learn the notes, rhythms, and dynamics prior to the honor band clinic.

Alternates should also practice their music and pack a suitcase in case they are called up at the last minute. It is not unusual for this to happen. More often than not, the call happens late the night before or the morning of the clinic.

Complete Trip Itinerary and Information