Fundraiser 2020

This last week, we kicked off our Middle School Band Fundraiser.  Profits from our fundraiser will be used to cover the normal middle school and intermediate band operating costs, such as large instrument repair and music purchases.  We are also hoping to purchase a new speaker system with our fundraiser.  We have extended our closing date for the fundraiser to October 6th.

This year's fundraiser is totally online.  Students did not receive pamphlets or brochures-- they received just a link to a website:  They will not collect money or product.  Customers will shop completely online and items will ship directly to them. 

Students registered for the fundraiser in class and received an individual student code.  They can share this website with family and friends along with their individual student code to make sales.

Click here for "how to" links for the fundraiser.

Click here for a video about the fundraiser prizes.

Click here for the prize poster.

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so through the fundraiser or send a check with your child made out to Jenks Band.  Donations made through the fundraiser will encounter a processing fee-- the band will not receive the full donation.  However, students will receive prize credit for an item sold for every $20 donation received to the company.