Instrument Return & Locker Cleanout

Jenks High School has sent complete instructions for students/families about returning school property and retrieving personal items from school lockers. It is important that students/parents have read and understand all the information provided. That information is also available on the Jenks Public Schools Website. The Information listed below will be particular to procedures for band students. 

All concert instruments must be returned for regular maintenance and cleaning. Return days and times have been prescribed by Jenks Public Schools.

Check In Times are between 10:00am and 2:00pm
Check In Location is at the North Parking Lot of the Music Building (door by the flagpole).
Students Last Name A - D is Tuesday, May 19th or May 26th
Students Last Name E - K is Wednesday, May 20th or May 27th
Students Last Name L - Q is Thursday, May 21st or May 28th
Students Last Name R - Z is Friday, May 22nd or May 29th

Students will have the opportunity to check out their concert instrument for the summer. The usual instrument form will be available for students to fill out at the check-in table. (Have a pencil ready so form can be filled out). Instruments will be sent to Palen Music Center. Those instruments will be serviced first and should be ready by mid to late June.  Students will be contacted by Palen music center when the instrument is ready. 

Marching band instruments are not being checked out at this time. That will be a separate event. Look for information to come in the next few weeks. 

Students who own their instrument are highly encouraged to take their instrument in for routine maintenance and repair as well, so it will be ready for summer rehearsals and pre-band.

Students also must take home all personal items from their music locker. Students are not allowed to be in the music building, so be prepared to tell the director your locker #, locker combination, and items to be retrieved. We do have the first two pieces of information on file, but this will help the process go faster. Also let the director know if you share a locker with another student.