2020 Marching Band

Marching Band - General Informational

The material below has been updated (5/15/20) based upon information that is presently available. At the moment, this is what we think will happen and are planning accordingly. Please read thoroughly with the understanding that circumstances may change as things develop over the next few weeks and months.  

We are excited about the upcoming year and events for the Trojan Pride. It is time to start preparing for next year. Given the present circumstances, the process will still be similar in nature but delayed in its timing. 


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Registration - All Registrations have been postponed. Online registration will still take place prior to Physical Registration. The new date for Physical Registration has not been determined and cannot take place until Jenks Public Schools deems the process can be safely done. There is an effort to try to have physical registration after the new uniforms have arrived so that fittings can be conducted in a normal fashion. 

Mandatory fees for registration are usually around $900.00 with approximately $250 in additional/optional fees. This is the most that it would be. The staff and board are currently working to reduce the cost for this year and feel that this will be possible. Once the new general cost has been determined, it will be shared. Look for notifications to come from all usual methods of communication (eBlasts, Website, Facebook, Band App, etc.). 

Marching Band Instrument Checkout may happen before online or physical registration. Most likely instruments and music will be made available at a separate time to allow students as much time as possible to practice and prepare for the upcoming marching season. 

Trip Accounts have been updated to reflect refunds from spring trip. Trip fund accounts will have to be reconciled by the end of school. Students with negative balances will be placed on hold in the office and not be allowed to participate in any manner until their account is in good standing. This does include students who have been selected to leadership positions. 

Percussion Auditions - Auditions for Battery and Front Ensemble will take place at Percussion Camp, which begins Monday, July 20th.

Instrumentation Challenges - As the staff is looking ahead, we do recognize an imbalance of instrumentation for the upcoming season that needs to be fixed. There is an immediate need for tubas, a few mellophones, and a few baritones. It will be very difficult to produce the best sound or compete at the highest level if there is an imbalance of instrumentation. If a student is interested or willing to try out one of these instruments to see if it is a good fit, contact Mr. Jensen or Mr. Hillock

Pre-Band - Pre-Band begins Monday, July 27th. Percussion Camp begins Monday, July 20th. Color Guard practices start at the beginning of July. 

General Dates for the summer and fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations will be added to the High School drop down menu in late June and early July. Evening rehearsals have not been added yet - we ae waiting on the JV and JH football schedules to be released. 

Marching Contest Show

The design team and staff have been working hard since December on next year's show. Plans are well underway. General information regarding the theme, setting, music will be shared soon. 

Bands Of America Marching Championships

Jenks has officially withdrawn from all Fall BOA events this year. The decision to withdraw is for several reasons - most of them financially oriented:

  • with many businesses being closed for a long period of time, shortfalls and cuts are expected to take place with school funding and budgets
  • many families are struggling financially during this time
  • fundraising activities have been suspended at least until July 1
  • the uncertainty of football concession stand revenue
  • many families took a financial hit from the cancelation of spring trips. We do not want to put families in this situation again this fall. 

At this time, plans are to still have Pre-Band, learn the contest show, and compete at local and state contests this fall. The Trojan Pride recognizes the value and opportunity that BOA provides - we were looking forward to traveling to San Antonio and returning to Indianapolis. We didn't want to withdraw, but felt like it was the best decision given the circumstances. Not knowing what is in store for the next few months, we are trying to be wise in planning for the marching season. Jenks will look forward to being able to return to these prestigious events in the future. 

Marching Uniform

New uniforms for 2020! Uniforms are currently in production and set to arrive in late June. We are excited about the new look for the Trojan Pride. 

Informational Packet

Each year, information is given to 8th grade students to better prepare them for high school band. This information is available for review for any HS student/parent that wants to see all the information again. It should be noted that no adjustments have been made to this packet since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It will continue to be a general reference to what is normally done. Any changes or adjustments to information for the 2020 marching season will not be reflected in this packet.  High School Band Informational Packet