Jenks @ Union (game at Union)

Friday, September 13th

General Information Regarding Away Football Games: Information regarding games will normally be posted on the website one to two weeks in advance. At the beginning of the year, many details are included as procedure and routines are being established and tweaked. As the season progresses, only specific details that unique to the particular venue are included. Some away games begin at 7:30pm - some games begin at 7:00pm. The game time and performance time will always be listed in the information. 

For away games, most of the time the band room is unlocked after school and at least one director is present. Dinner is provided for most away games - it depends on the distance traveling and whether the majority of students will have the opportunity to go home before loading equipment and uniforms. It will be indicated on the itinerary whether dinner is provided for an away game or not. Students will usually put on uniforms for away games. (Uniform racks are normally utilized only for contest days). It is also wise to check the website one or two days before the actual event. Sometimes details change or a plan B is added because of unpredictable weather conditions. Remember that hats, gauntlets, and plumes will not be used at football games this year - only the teacher performance and parades.

Students and parents may park in the music building parking and aquatic center parking lots, but no cars (students or parents) should be in the no parking/loading zones or red curbs located by the music building. These two areas need to be kept clear for loading and safety reasons. This is for both before departure AND arrival back home after the game. Please drive through parking lot areas slowly in an effort to avoid accidents and injuries.


The first thing to understand is that the entire night, the environment will be LOUD. Much louder than the Bixby game. It is exciting. There is electricity in the air. But it is very LOUD. It will be difficult to hear directors during warm ups, during transitions to the stadium, during transitions to the field, and during the pre-game performance. Students will have to concentrate on the tasks at hand, focus in on the instructions being given, and be ready to execute in a loud, distractive, and hostile environment.


This game is normally at the University of Tulsa, but this year the game is at Union High School. 

Jenks at Union Information. We will be performing pre-game. This game begins at 7:05, not 7:30. Pre-game performance will be at 6:25. A meal is provided before this game. Semi may leave when we are finished loading and before buses are loaded to get a good parking place. Remember to bring everything with you Friday morning. You will not have a chance to go home after school. 

4:00  Uniform Check Out. Prep Time. Load Equipment Trucks. Front Ensemble & Guard Report. 

4:00 Uniform Check Out. Prep Time. Load Equipment Trucks
Uniform checkout and the loading of equipment trucks will take place at the same time. Again, be careful in loading zones. School is getting out and the parking lot will be very busy. 

Students should be in maroon & grays for uniform checkout. We will not be using uniform racks for this game. We will be wearing marching band uniform - this includes the regulation white socks and shoes. Modified show performance hair will be used at this game. Front and sides of hair must be hairsprayed, gelled, bobby pinned - but the back of the hair may be braided or in a ponytail instead of a bun for this game. Remember, all information regarding show performance hair is on our FaceBook page. 

We will review procedures for loading and unloading the semi truck as time allows. 

4:45 Load Buses
Everything should be loaded and students in uniform. Students seated so we may load buses in an orderly fashion. Dinner will be provided to students as they load the buses. Students should have: uniform, gloves, flip folder, instrument, and any other necessary equipment. Students will be checked to see if they have and use their flip folder for the game. Students do not bring DOT books or binders.

5:00 Depart for Union
Need to depart on time so we can be ready for everything once we arrive. Time will be limited. Eat dinner on the bus. 

5:30 Arrive in Union
Unload equipment and get ready for brief warm up time.

6:00 Warm Up in nearby areas
Depending on available space and time. Warm ups could be sectionals and/or full group, depending on the amount of actual time available. If time allows, we will do some stretching and body as well. 

6:15 Transit to Stadium
Arrange any needed items in the stands. Line up for pre-game performance.

6:25 Pre-Game Performance

7:05 Game Begins
Fruit will be passed out during halftime. Watch Union's Performance. With our performance taking place before the game, we will be able to play throughout the game. 

10:15 Estimated Conclusion of Game.
Pick up trash in the stands. Talk Time. Load everything back up and get ready to go home.

11:00 Estimated Departure
Students that need a ride home should call or text at this time so that your ride home is ready and waiting when we return to Jenks. 

11:30 Estimated Arrival Back In Jenks
Unload all equipment. Uniform Check In. Make sure you properly put away or take home all items. Do not leave the band room in a mess.

12:15 Estimated time for Band Room Locked
Have a good weekend. See you Monday.