Season Pass To The City

We are excited to share a new fundraising initiative for Jenks Band that is a benefit for everyone. We have partnered with a community initiative called Season Pass to the City, which is designed to provide promotional offers from all types of businesses in our city and help everyone get out and experience all the great things in their community for less! Businesses can share a promotional offer at no charge to
them, the member saves and everyone benefits! 

The businesses and restaurants featured on Season Pass to the City will change regularly, so your customer will have new and exciting offers all the time!
You will sell the passes, which lasts an entire year, at a discounted price of $39.99, (regularly priced at $74.99). They will receive our discount by typing  jenksband-first name.last name in the promo code space during checkout.  "jenksband" DASH First name DOT last name

Promo Code EX: jenksband-sally.sophomore

Our organization and the specific student whose promo code they use will receive 25% of the price of each pass into their band fund.

We are pleased to offer you this because we know it will save the customer money and they will recoup their investment in no time, while helping our program at the same time!

Here are flyers you can print and hand to your customers. 

Full page here 

Half Page here

It is an on-going fundraiser so you can sell them all summer long and add money to your trip fund. 

Contact Meg Melton with questions.