Eligibility Crisis


This is the largest number of ineligible students that I have seen in the 8th grade band within my teaching career.  Currently (Feb. 13th), there are 15 students ineligible, 6 students on probation, and 15 students "at risk".  This is almost 40% of our band students.  We are in real danger of not being able to attend OSSAA Concert Band competition on March 15th if students don't get their grades up.  Because of this, I have designed a "Band Zero Blaster Recharge" (a cutesy name that really means "GET ELIGIBLE RECHARGE!!!"). If your child is making a D or below, it is my expectation that they are using their recharge time for either a study hall, or they are with me during this recharge trying to make up grades.  Please help me with this by checking in on your child's grades regularly and following-up on these zeroes with your children.

Here is how eligibility basically works:  Grades are automatically pulled from Canvas on Thursdays at 5 PM.  Those grades will determine the child's "status" for the following week (Monday through Sunday).  There are four basic statuses:  1) Probation means that the child has been failing at least one course for one week.  2) Ineligible means that the child has been failing at least one course for two weeks. (Please note that it doesn't have to be the same course.  They can be failing Math on the first week and Science on the second week, and they are still considered ineligible.) 3) At Risk means that the child is not failing any courses, but they are making at least one D.  4) Proficient means that students are making a C or above in all classes.  

For the OSSAA Concert Band competition, we need all students to have a Proficient status by March 8th.  It is important that we have all of our kids at this competition!