4th hour chair test

Fourth Hour Chair Test

There are two parts to your test.  The first part is over "Foundations" Concert Ab Major Scale.  All instruments except clarinets will play the one octave scale, and clarinets will play the two octave scale.  

The second part of your test will be from "Into the Light"  I have listed those measures below.   Chair test will open on Canvas immediately and close on Canvas by WEDNESDAY, January 17th (notice that this is an extension from what was stated in class).  It is unnecessary to count through multiple measure rests, and make sure you observe dynamics!

  • FLUTE: m 34-52
  • CLARINET:  m 34-43, 53-74
  • BASS CLARINET: m 27-74
  • SAXOPHONE:  m 44-74
  • TRUMPET: m 21-44
  • TROMBONE: m 21-31, 53-68
  • BARITONE: m 35-68
  • TUBA: m 39-68