3rd hour chair test

Third Hour Chair Test

There are two parts to your test.  The first part is over "Foundations" Concert C Scale in Thirds.  All instruments except flutes will play the lower octave, and flutes will play the upper octave.  You may play both octaves for a little extra credit that could affect your chair.  

The second part of your chair test will be from "Tales of the Emerald Isle".  I have listed those measures below.  It is unnecessary to sit through multiple measures of rest.  The chair test will be available on Canvas immediately through WEDNESDAY January 17th.  (Notice this is an extension from what was stated in class.)  

  • FLUTE:  m 20-44
  • OBOE: m 20-42
  • BASSOON: m 29-67
  • CLARINET: m 20-44
  • BASS CLARINET:   m 29-52
  • SAXOPHONE:  m 73-100
  • TRUMPET:  m 72-100
  • HORN: m 53-60, m 88-100
  • TROMBONE:  m 29-52
  • BARITONE:  m 53-101
  • TUBA:  m 41-52. 88-100