MS Percussion



 7th grade percussionists will be spending a lot of time playing on concert instruments, and having the proper sticks and mallets will be important for playing those instruments. My recommendations are listed below, but you might find other alternatives for marimba and timpani mallets at a music store or you may already own mallets; if this is the case, please email me ( the brand and model so I can verify whether or not those mallets would be acceptable for class. I've also included recommendations for stick bags; these are very useful to have when students have several pairs of sticks and mallets. 

There are two online stores I recommend when purchasing these items:


Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets


Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T3 - Staccato

Innovative General Series GT3 Medium Timpani Mallets


Vic Firth Standard Drumstick Bag

Innovative Percussion Fundamental Series Stick Bag

MALLET BUNDLES: These bundles include marimba & timpani mallets, sticks, and a stick bag. This might be an easier option.

Innovative Percussion FP2 Intermediate Mallet Pack Model

Vic Firth EP2 Intermediate Education Pack Model


Marching snare drum sticks: Innovative Percussion FSBK


Practice pad and concert snare stand


Concert Snare stand:

Recommended practice pads: