Rise and Shine Fundraiser

Before the first bell of the school year rings ... Before the first early morning rehearsal ... there is that dreaded sound of the alarm clock -- Not-so-subtly blasting you awake before the sun is even up.   

You know what helps?   Cinnamon Rolls.  Coffee.  Now THAT is worth getting out of bed for! 

The Trojan Pride Band has exclusively partnered with two Tulsa institutions for our back-to-school RISE AND SHINE fundraiser.    These companies have never done a fundraiser like this, so nobody else will be selling it!  

Everyone knows the cinnamon rolls from Savoy.  They've been a Tulsa institution since 1925.  We'll be selling the petite rolls (6 - 4oz rolls) and the large rolls (6 - 8oz rolls).  They come fully cooked and frozen.  Just defrost, cut out the roll you want, heat it for about 30 seconds in the microwave and dive in!   

Add to that a big steaming mug of freshly ground coffee from DoubleShot -- a small craft roaster in downtown Tulsa, and your morning is off to a great start!  

DoubleShot is known for the freshness of their coffee and they will not roast ours until our order is placed -- only the best for our Trojan Pride!   Their coffees come from a Rainforest Alliance certified farm in the south of Costa Rica.  The Rio Negro blend has rich notes of nuts and chocolate making it a perfect match for the Cinnamon Rolls.

Is your mouth watering yet?   This will be a big seller and we are excited to get this thing ROLLing   ... get it?   Like Cinnamon ROLLS.  

Remember, Pride members receive all the profits from this sale and it goes directly into your trip fund for fall and/or spring trips, solo/ensemble fees, banquet tickets, etc.  

Order Due Date: Sept 8 (Money Friday)

Pick-Up @ Savoy Restaurant. 6033 S. Sheridan. Sept 16 1-3 pm

Print the forms here:    Information Sheet                    Order Form


Meg Melton:  jenksstudentfundraising@gmail.com or

Shannon Wetherbee: dasweebee@hotmail.com