January 1, 2016...It's Gonna Be A Great Day!

Tulsa is abuzz that the Jenks Trojan Pride will be marching in the 2016 Rose Bowl Parade. To learn what has worked for others, The Rose Bowl Parade Executive Board reached out to bands across the country who have participated in past Rose Parades®. Based on the committee’s research, four key general fundraising efforts have been identified. The ground work is laid and we need your help to keep the ball rolling toward raising $150,000!

Homecoming Car Raffle - Can you feel the excitement of that moment in the football stadium when the winning name for a free car is drawn by the President of the Tournament of Roses Parade!?  Another band in our region raised $28,000 with their car raffle! We can do the same! This is an exciting opportunity for us and we need coordinators to make it happen.

Internet Crowd Funding – Music singer Zack Brown, who used the fundraising website Kickstarter, launched his potato salad campaign with this simple goal: "Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet." He raised $50,000!  The internet is a remarkable way to gather support from friends and family near and far. In just 2 weeks, the Trojan Pride’s first internet crowd funding effort, partnering with Amazon.com, raised over $2,000! Thank you Shoppers! Help us leverage the internet for even more earning!

4th of July Event on the River - This was a great first-year event success! Thank you to all our volunteers for making this happen!

Tulsa-Jenks Rose Parade® Rally - This march-a-thon has it all! It’s a THANK YOU to our community for their support, serves as practice for the band’s marching routine and is a fantastic fundraiser opportunity for individual trip accounts. What an awesome fall kick-off for our students work hard all year!

Are you excited about the Rose Parade? We all are! Come on board with one of these fund raising committees to help reach the $150,000 goal. If you are interested in one of these 4 four committees please email AnnAline Drake at ba2drake@aol.com. Include your name, email and indicate the committee you are interested in.