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Private Lessons

There are many professional musicians and educators in our area that teach private lessons. Their names are listed on the American Federation of Musicians website. Click HERE to go to that website and view a complete list of private lesson teachers.

This page contains some additional names of private lesson instructors that are also recommended by the band staff. Instructors below are not necessarily associated with the American Federation of Musicians. Students are responsible for contact and all arrangements. In order to receive letter points for private lessons, a student must study with a private teacher for the majority of the year. For more information regarding private lessons or letter points, please refer to the STUDENT HANDBOOK.

Jill Johnson:  296-3716
Emily McPherson: 918-706-0439, emilyg.mcpherson@gmail.com
Alma Churchill:  299-2126
Cathy Gifford: 224-8901

Susanne Jones: (918) 361-5918 or susannejones@sbcglobal.net
Rachel Hammon: rachelhammon@gmail.com
Kristen Denny-Chambers: (918) 404-1237, 918clarinet@gmail.com, www.918clarinet.com
Elizabeth Alonzi: (405) 250-2671 or ecalonzi@gmail.com
Jennifer Anderson: 664-8826 or jennifer4104@gmail.com

Lise Glaser: (918) 748-4409 or lgblacksheep@glaser.net
John Ford: 902-7245
Ingrid Lobaugh (918) 630-2568

Rod Ackman (918) 250-9687
Susie Brown (918) 445-0101
Dayna Smith (918) 851-8411 or ssmith386@cox.net

Ryan Gartner: (918) 237-5259
Christy Andrews: 493-4949 or 809-5112

Steve Goforth: 918-520-7076, Sgoforth@cox.net
Steve Haefner: 408-1038
Jesse Cook: jpc7581@gmailcom, (512) 743-4147
Benjamin Hay: 580 304-2133, heybenhay@hotmail.com                                                
Randall Self: 918 645-9146, randall.self@okstate.edu                                                
Mike Sisco: 817-437-6986, chops8va@yahoo.com                                                
Alex Warrior: 816-807-9589, alexcwarrior@gmail.com
Ken Baird: (918) 284-5374, gabrielmac@sbcglobal.net                                              
Tim McFadden: 260-3376
Nate Binion:  512-850-8443  npbinion@gmail.com

French Horn
Steve Goforth: 918-520-7076, Sgoforth@cox.net
Maria Snow: 798-0595 or maria@mariasnow.com
Linda McGuire: 625-9909 or ljmhorn1@cox.net


Hannah Harris (HS student): 918 296-3382
Bill Damron: 231-6564
Ceth Barnett: 688-3919
Steve Goforth: 918-520-7076, Sgoforth@cox.net
Shelby Kifer (479) 530-2402, shelby.kifer@gmail.com, www.kiferbasstrombone.com
Blake Birmingham: 918-698-7690 or Blakebirmingham@yahoo.com
Linda McGuire: 625-9909 or ljmhorn1@cox.net
Kevin Miller: 214-697-8822 or tubakev@gmail.com (euphonium)

Bernie Guzik: 745-9749
Kevin Miller: 918-729-9572 or tubakev@gmail.com
James Morrison: 918-445-6012
Ricky Ward: 918-291-2293, 918-845-5550 or wardrickyl@yahoo.com

Kale White: kale.white@jenksps.org

Bass Guitar/Acoustic Bass
Jim Bates: 836-3635

Beginner/Intermediate Guitar
Jim Bates: 836-3635

Advanced Guitar
Randy Wimer: 749-9371 or 640-3361