Jenks vs. Norman

Friday, October 19th

Jenks vs. Norman Information. We will be performing halftime. This game begins at 7:30. Modified Show Performance hair should be done before students arrive at the band room. 

5:15 Band Room Unlocked 

5:30 Uniform Check-Out

6:05 - 6:35 Sectional Warm Ups
Roll taken at this time. Students in uniform. Separate Warm Ups for sections in the Music Building. Brass in the Concert Band Room. Woodwinds in Symphonic Band Room. Battery in Wind Symphony Room or Outside as defined by Mr. Stevenson. Front Ensemble area defined by Mr. Martin. Time spent here is Regular Warm Ups, Tuning, as well as touching spots of show music as needed.

6:40 - 6:50 Ensemble Warm Up in Concert Band Room
Play through Banner, Alma Mater, and contest music as needed. Students should have everything needed for the game at this point - uniform, instrument, flip folder when seated for this portion of rehearsal in preparation for transition to stadium. 

6:50 Transit to Stadium
Single file in order of rows to stadium.

7:00 Seated in Stadium.
Get properly arranged. Perform the National Anthem.

7:30 Game Begins
1st Quarter - play some; 2nd Quarter - more conservative & preserve chops for halftime performance - spend time refocusing sound; Perform at halftime; 3rd Quarter - fruit & water, play some; 4th Quarter - play a lot.

10:00 Estimated Conclusion of Game.
Talk Time. Uniform Check-In. Make sure you put away (properly) or take home all items. Do not leave the band room in a mess!

11:00 Band Room Locked.
Go home and get some good rest. State Championships tomorrow.