Concession FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still have questions after reading this page please email


Q: What do I have to have before I can show up to work?
A:  The most important thing is all workers must have a Tulsa Health Department (THD) Food Handler Permit.  If you do not have one you cannot work.  If you need one we will be holding a class on 6/29/15 at the High School that will allow you to obtain a 1 year volunteer permit.  If you took this class at anytime in the past, your card is expired and you will need to take it again.  For more information on this and to sign up for the class please go to this link on the Jenks Band website.  There are also details on how to obtain a card if you cannot make this class.
Other required items are answered in the questions below.
Q:  Who exactly can work concessions?
A:  We allow and encourage Parents/Legal Guardians, Band Students and Siblings to work concessions.
        Parents/Legal Guardians - You must be a Parent, Step Parent or Legal Guardian of a currently enrolled 8th - 12th grade Jenks Band Student.
        Band Students - You must be a currently enrolled 9th - 12th grade Jenks Band Student.
        Siblings - You must currently be enrolled in 9th - 12th grade and be a sibling or step sibling of a currently enrolled 9th - 12th grade Jenks Band Student.
If you do not fit into one of these categories we unfortunately will not be able to schedule you.  If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance that may lead to an exception of this policy please contact Phillip Powell at 
Q:  What should I wear?
A:  The Jenks Band Concessions dress code is a combination of Jenks School, Jenks Band and THD policies.  If the dress code is not adhered to you will be asked to either leave or have someone bring you the proper attire.  You will not be allowed to clock in until you are in proper attire.  Remember we in the concession stand are representing not only Jenks Band but also Jenks Schools, the city of Jenks and to some the state of Oklahoma.
        All articles of clothing should be clean, presentable and non-offensive.  Clothes should be free of unnecessary holes whether from wear/tear or design.
        Shirts - All workers are required to wear a Jenks Band travel shirt.  This is the maroon shirts the students wear that says Trojan Pride on the front and nothing on the back. If you do not have one of these shirts you will need to get with Ann Eisenmenger
        Shorts - All shorts must be longer than the fingertips with arms hanging straight down to the side.  No bicycle/spandex shorts are allowed.
        Name Tags - We request that you wear either a Student ID or your Parent Name tag.
        Hats - Hats are acceptable as long as they are not offensive or have hanging parts that could get in to the food.
        Hair - If you have long hair we request that you have your hair in a up or at least in a ponytail so that it does not interact with the food.  You may also choose to wear a hat as described above.
Q:  Why did I not get scheduled for all of the events I requested?
A:  The simple answer is because we do our best to be fair to everyone.  We have almost 200 students this year and a limited amount of opportunities to work.  We have a process in place to allow each family to raise an equal amount for their student.  In doing so we keep an ongoing tally of hours worked per StudentID.  If your family has already worked 5 hours towards your student and someone from another family signs up to work for a student that has not had any previously worked hours they will get scheduled first.  If you have multiple students in your family make sure to enter the appropriate StudentID so that your requests are properly processed.
Q:  When/How will my students account be credited for hours worked?
A:  We will be sending periodic account credit reports to the Trip Fund manager and Treasurer.  This typically will happen within a few days following a Varsity football event.  The trip fund manager will then process the report and update the account balances appropriately.  New updated totals of the balances may not immediately be posted to the website but the trip fund manager should be able to provide you an updated balance as needed.
Your total hours worked will be based on the time sheet you will sign at each event you work. Time will be credited in increments of 15 minutes with appropriate rounding as needed.  You will be required to sign in and sign out as well as initial and get a manager initial.  If you do not sign in or out we will not be able to credit you for time worked.  It will be your responsibility to complete this.
Q:  How will I know if I am scheduled?
A:  You will receive an email from this email address if you are scheduled to work.  We do our best to get these emails out at least 3 days prior to an event.  You will need to reply to the email so that we can verify you received it.  If scheduling is done after that time you will also receive a phone call to verify that are still available.
The Scheduled Workers page on the Jenks Band website will also be updated with a list of currently scheduled workers.  This page includes the Worker Name, Date of the Event, Location of the event, Scheduled Start Time and Estimated End Time.  The page is located at this link . You can also navigate to this page as follows:  Parent Resources>Concessions>Scheduled Workers.
Q:  What do I need to do if I am scheduled?
A:  Most importantly, show up on time ready to work.  We rely heavily on workers to make it happen.  If you are unable to make it to work or know you will be late you will need to email us at as early as possible so that we can plan to adjust appropriately.  If you fail to show up for a scheduled time and do not inform us in advance it could result in you not being scheduled for future events.  Secondly, promptly respond to the email mentioned in the previous question so we know that you are aware you are scheduled to work.
Q:  Where do I go to work?
A:  There is a map of all Concession locations on the Scheduled Workers page.  If you click on the appropriate location on the map it will give you details on where to park, where to enter the facility and the exact location of the concession stand.  ***All football events will be located at the High School football stadium.  Later in the year we will host concessions at other locations.  The page is located at this link . You can also navigate to this page as follows:  Parent Resources>Concessions>Scheduled Workers.
Q:  How will I know if new schedule opportunities are available?
A:  We will use the same page on the Jenks Band website for scheduling.  Near the top of the page it will show a Last Updated date.  You are encouraged to check this page periodically for updates.  We will also send out a special blast from this email address to only those that have requested to be included in the notifications. 

To make sure you keep up to date on the latest information regarding Concessions and worker opportunities please click here to be added to the email list.

If you have already asked to be added and believe you are not receiving the emails please email us at and let us know so we can research and find a resolution.

Lastly there will be a mention of it in the Sunday eblast incase you miss one of the first two options.
If the response level is low there may be additional eblasts sent to encourage you to sign up.
Now the most exciting one of all!!!!
Q:  How do I sign up to work an event?
A:  We will once again be using a Google Doc form to gather schedule requests.  It is strongly urged that you use this method so that we can assure your requests are included in the scheduling process.  If extenuating circumstances keep you from using the form you can email us at and we will do our best to get it added to the list.  You will need to closely read, follow and fill out the form correctly.  Once you submit the form you should receive an email at the address you enter showing your entry.  If you see an error please respond to the email with the corrections.  If you do not receive an email let us know at  we will check and verify your response was received.
Each entry on the form should only be for one worker.  If you are signing up multiple workers you will have to do each individually. 
***You will need to know your Students ID # before you fill out the form.
***Do not sign up multiple times.  If your availability changes reply to the email you received after submission with the changes and we will edit your original response.
The scheduling form is located on the Jenks Band website at this link.  You can also navigate to this page as follows:  Parent Resources>Concessions>Concession Scheduling.  If the form is missing from the page then it is either in the process of being updated or we have stopped accepting scheduling requests at that time.