Concert Bands Main Page

Concert Attire

Concert attire (also referred to as concert blacks) is required for all students enrolled in concert band. Men use a full tuxedo - jacket, pant, white tux shirt (wing tip collar), black bowtie & cummerbund, black dress shoes with dark socks. Tuxes are to be purchased from Alyssa's Bridal at 6808 S Memorial for complete deal. Price for complete package is approximately $209.99 + tax. Students/Families should take care of this in advance to allow enough time for any alterations or back orders. It will be important to do this before the Thanksgiving Holiday in order to have tux in hand for the holiday concert in December.

Ladies use a concert dress ordered through the band parent organization with black shoes. All 9th grade girls, new students, and students needing another dress are measured for proper dress size during marching season and then ordered in time for dresses to arrive before the holiday concert in December. Price is approximately $75.00 and includes shipping.

Any questions regarding concert attire may be directed to Gene Ann Kerr.

Concert Materials Information

All students will need the Foundations for Superior Performance (blue book), a pencil, as well as additional materials defined by each performing group/conductor. Information and deadlines for additional materials will be added after auditions are completed and rehearsals for each band begin.

Concert Rehearsal Schedule

With a new school schedule this year, the concert band rehearsal schedule will be different as well. Students are to be seated in chairs and individually warming up @ 8:25. Roll will be taken at this time. Full group rehearsals will begin at 8:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and go to the end of 1st hour. On Tuesdays, students are to be seated @ 7:40 with rehearsal beginnng at 7:45.  This year, sectional time was built into the schedule during marching season. In the past, there have not be sectionals scheduled for the months of November and December. Sectionals will be defined by each group & director for this year. With the Wind Symphony performing at the BOA festival, it may be necessary for sectionals to start after the Thanksgiving Break in order to be thoroughly prepared for the event.  

Concert Band Performance Dates

Holiday Concert - Thursday, December 14th
BOA National Concert Band Festival Preview Concert - Date & Location TBD
BOA National Concert Band Festival - WS Spring Trip - March 14th-18th
TCC Pre-State Music Festival - Thursday, March 29th or Friday, March 30th
HS Preview Concert - Tuesday, April 3rd
State 6A-E and 6A-EE Concert Band Contests - Tuesday, April 10th
State 6A Concert Band Contest - Friday, April 13th
Spring Trip for SB and CB - April 25th-April 29th
Spring Concert - Thursday, May 17th (back up date is May 11th in case of bad weather)