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Contest Show

(Updated 8/18) This year's show is entitled "Checkered." 

The music is based off of two works - Raise the Roof by Michael Daugherty and The Frozen Cathedral by John Mackey. Visually, half the field will be covered with giant, light-green tarps that are arranged in a checkerboard configuration. Similar to the "The Red Line" show, the squares will be used to create a stage as well as provide visually interest and variety in combination with drill and choreography throughout the show.

MP3 Midi Recordings of Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are available below. 
Checkered - Part 1 - Intro and Opener
Checkered - Part 2 - Ballad

Checkered - Part 3 - Closer (updated 8/22)

Stand Tunes

(Updated 6/25) Stand tunes have been selected for the upcoming football season. As always, the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, Hey Song, Hey Baby! and all the Go Big J Stuff are in the flip folder. Songs that remain in the flip folder from last year are: Moves Like Jagger, The Race, Disco Inferno, You Dropped A Bomb On Me, and Talk To Me Dance With Me. Songs returning from previous years to the flip folder are: Jungle Boogie and Pretty Fly. Songs new to this year are: Dynamite and Happy. Enjoy listening to them and get ready to play them. If time allows - we are working on short clips of tunes to be used in the stands as well for different moments in football games. Keep your fingers crossed that it will get done.

Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests over the contest music, full band warm-ups, the fight song, the star spangled banner, and the alma mater. Memory tests for the warm-ups, fight song, banner, and alma mater will begin during pre-band rehearsals in late July. Specific days and times will be announced at the beginning of pre-band. Students need to make sure and have this material learned and memorized correctly for the first day of rehearsal. Music memory tests will continue throughout the semester on the show music used for contests and the parade music used near the holiday season.


General Dates for the summer and fall are now available on the website calendar. Specific times and locations will be added as events approach. Click HERE to view Calendar.

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