2019 Marching Band Main Page

General Information

We are all excited about the upcoming year and events for the Trojan Pride. Read below so that you can stay up to date with information, rehearsals, payments, and deadlines. 

General Dates for the summer and fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations will be added to the High School drop down menu two or three weeks in advance, as events approach.

Remember, all students must be up to date on payments. Students who still owe money from last year, registration, or the first trip payment will not be allowed to rehearse during pre-band until all financial obligations are up to date (the 2nd trip payment is due at the end of the first week of pre-band). If fees are not paid by the time school begins, schedules will be changed and names placed on hold in the office.

Student Leadership Team

The student leadership team this year includes:

Drum Majors - Ethan Hartman, Holly Hilst, Ryann Johnson, and Maloree Morris

Sections Leaders - Flute - Alexis Gibson, Clarinet - Jackson Bearer, Bass Clarinet - Thomas Ortiz, Saxes - Kate Omstead, Trumpet - Daisy Perez, Mellophone - Jakob Olsen, Trombone - Michael Lanigan, Baritone/Euphonium - Leo Serrano, Sousaphone - Gavin Bodenstab, Battery - Aidan Henderson, Front Ensemble - Molly Johnson, and Color Guard - Abigail Emerson.

Student Leaders - Flute - Cheyenne Alsbrooks, Lauren Choate, Marissa Jonagan, Clarinet - Sam Hjelm, Regan Jones, Madison Millington, Saxes - Ben Brown, Trumpet - Shea Adolph, Justin Jankowski, Mellophone - Nick Sanderson, Sousaphone - Josiah Enns, Battery - Tanner Craig, Front Ensemble - Ian Hetherington, Color Guard - Lilyanna Emerick, Grace Pruner, Ellie Sims, and Kami Thompson

Marching Contest Show

This year the focus flips from CarMan in the garage to the working woman in the office.

THEME - Business As Usual.

SETTING - The football field will be transformed into a large office space. Near the front could include small offices and/or cubicles. The background could include window views of high rise buildings, skyscrapers, or wider downtown views. Band members will be in suits. Guard members are all secretaries with glasses, pulled back tight hair, etc. 

Like last year, we will not be wearing hats for the halftime and contest shows, so it will be necessary to instruct students on how to fix hair for these performances. A hair session is scheduled for Tuesday, August 6th, 9:00am -12:00pm in the PEG Gym. All freshman and new band members will be required to attend. 

LOGOS/DESIGNS - still in the works at this point. Jenks = J,inc. 

MUSIC - being approached from two angles. Music that supports the theme/possible story line of the show and music that give the atmosphere of the office. 

Music that supports the theme/possible story line
She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer
Respect - Aretha Franklin
She Used to Be Mine - Sara Bareille
Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Music that supports the office feel
The Typewriter - Leroy Anderson
Moving Parts - David Sampson

Show Performance Costumes
Below is an image of the show performance costume. Band members will look like they are wearing business suits.

Show Shirt Design

Marching Band School Rehearsal Schedule

Below is the regular rehearsal schedule for marching band during the fall semester. 

In general, the Track is available every morning at the indicated times below. The stadium is not available on Monday but is the remainder of the week. Most of the time, the band rehearses together, but there is the potential to have rehearsals at two different facilities at the same time on selected days. Information is shared with students, written on the board prior to rehearsal, or posted on the website as time allows. 

Mondays – 7:45-9:45 (brass, woodwinds, battery, and guard at the track. Front ensemble in band room or by the concession stand). 4:30-7:30pm Guard sectionals at the track.

Tuesdays – Fridays 7:45-9:45 (Main rehearsal at stadium. A group or groups may also rehearse at the track depending on what needs to be done for that day). 

Sectionals for brass, woodwinds, and percussion are yet to be determined for this year. They will take place during morning rehearsals, and not after school. Guard sectionals are on Monday evenings. 

Evening Rehearsals are from 6:00-8:00 PM at stadium. Some rehearsals are on Tuesday nights and some are on Thursday nights. On Fridays when the game is away, the band also has evening rehearsals at the stadium. Dates are indicated on the website calender and reminders will be sent each week via eNewletter. 

Concert Season Rehearsals and Winter Guard Rehearsal Schedules have not been posted yet. It will be added to the website before concert season begins so families can make necessary arrangements.

Marching Contest

All the marching contests that we compete in are all day events. Most of them are on Saturdays, but a few of them do take place during the week as well. Check website calendar for spedific dates. Students are expected to be at everything listed on the itinerary and should not plan to do anything else on those days. 

Stand Tunes

Stand tunes have been selected. This year's set includes tunes we have used in the past and some new ones. Tunes already in the flip folder are InsectsPretty FlyJungle BoogieThe RaceGood Golly Miss MollyTalk To Me Dance With Me, The Hey Song, What I Like About You, and You Dropped A Bomb On Me. Also included in the flip folder are the standards - the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, Hey Baby!, all the Go Big J Stuff, and the Chinese National Anthem. New stand tunes for this year include Shake It Off, Mic Drop, Uptown Funk, and Call Me

Post Marching Season

Once the final contest is finished, the Trojan Pride will be transitioning into concert, honor band, and solo & ensemble seasons.

Concert Band Auditions will take place in mid-October or the same week of NCDA Auditions. Auditions will be done via recording individual auditions both during school and after school. An audition schedule will be added in late September. We divide into three concert bands after results are posted and begin preparing for the Kiwanis Christmas Parade and Holiday Concerts.

Spring Trips

This year is a spring trip year for the concert bands. The traditional date for spring trips is usually the last weekend in April (included on website calendar). The general cost for the spring trip is usually around $600.00 - depending on the venue. Opt In/Opt Out Forms are usually distributed in early December with payments beginning in January and running through April. 

The Wind Symphony has been invited to Washington DC for the President's Cup National Invitational Music Festival. Plans are currently in the beginning stages of the process. In 2015, this trip cost $1,600.00 per student. 

For the Symphonic Band and Concert Bands, we are currently looking at festivals in several different cities across the nation. Final decisions for these trips are anticipated to be made and announced sometime in August. 


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