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We are all excited about the upcoming year and events for the Trojan Pride. Read below so that you can stay up to date with information, payments, and deadlines. 

General Dates for the fall are available on the Website Calendar. Specific times and locations are updated regularly.

Marching Contest Show

The theme of this year's show is "O". The music is based from three different songs: Pat Metheny's First Circle, Phillip Glass' The Canyon, and Michael Kamen's Prayer. Part 1 and 2 were passed out to students the last week of school. All copyright permissions have been secured, so Mp3 recordings are available below. 

mp3 recording of Parts 1 & 2
mp3 recording of Part 3

"O" Videos 

Bands Of America Marching Championships

Currently all information regarding the Arlington BOA Regional is posted on another page. Click HERE to go to that page.

2016 Tournament of Roses® Parade Information

Currently all information regarding the Rose Parade is posted on another page. Click HERE to go to that page.

Summer & Pre-Band Rehearsal Schedule

Pre-Band begins the last week of July on the 27th and continues until the beginning of school. Rehearsals are 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm, Monday through Friday for the first two weeks, and then 5-9pm begining August 10th. A packet containing all detailed information was given to students at registration. That information will be added to the website in late June. Color guard practices are two or three days a week throughout the summer. See Color Guard page for detailed information. Battery and Front Ensemble Camps are the week before pre-band.  

Music Memory Tests

Music memory tests over the contest music, Rose Parade® Music, full band warm-ups, the fight song, the star spangled banner, the alma mater, and the chinese national anthem. Memory tests for the warm-ups, fight song, banner, and alma mater will begin during pre-band rehearsals in late July. Specific days and times will be announced at the beginning of pre-band. Students need to make sure and have this material learned and memorized correctly for the first day of rehearsal. Music memory tests will continue throughout the semester on the show music used for contests and the parade music used near the holiday season.

Stand Tunes

Stand tunes are selected. This year's set includes Insects, Pretty Fly, Jungle Boogie, Hawaii Five-O, Oye Como Va, The Race, Kung Fu Fighting, and You Dropped A Bomb On Me. Also included in the flip folder are the standards - the Fight Song, National Anthem, Alma Mater, Hey Song, Hey Baby!, all the Go Big J Stuff, and the Chinese National Anthem.

Post Marching Season and Tournament of Roses Parade Schedule

Once OBA Championships are finished, the Trojan Pride will be transitioning into concerts season, honor band season, and preparing for the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Concert Band Auditions

Concert Band Auditions will take place the same week of NCDA/OMEA First Round Auditions. Auditions will be done via recording individual auditions both during school and after school. An audition schedule will be added in October. Rehearsals will begin at 7:30 instead of 6:50. Normally, we divide into three concert bands after auditions. This year, we plan on combining all three concert bands into one large band for the Holiday Concert. The concert bands will begin rehearsing separately after we return from Pasadena. More information regarding concert band auditions will be added to the website once school begins.

Basic Plan/Schedule

To make sure that students are in tip-top shape, we will have students running laps at the track from 6:50 - 7:10 on designated days. Rehearsals for Rose Parade will be on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Wednesday, usually Advisory schedule, will be our marching endurance day. Tuesdays will be spent preparing the music for the Kiwanis Parade and the combined Holiday Concert. We will need to maintain our contest show in preparation for Band Fest in Pasadena. We will continue to have evening rehearsals on Thursday nights and perform our show throughout the playoffs. Evening rehearsals will be from 5:00-6:30 pm in November and 3:15-4:45 pm in December. 

At this point, this is the basic plan. Designated days may change somewhat, depending on the weather conditions for that day/week. 

There are no rehearsals scheduled from December 19th to December 26th

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