Branson Trip

May 5th, 2018

Please click here for initial Branson information (passed out to students and emailed through Canvas on February 13th).  

Please click here for the Branson itinerary (provided online and emailed on March 5th and passed out to students on March 16th).

Here is a timeline for all Branson trip preparation dates:

  • February 14th:  Students may check out Sonic Card fundraisers.  Each card is $5 and must be sold or brought back in good condition.  Students earn 100% profit for trip fund.  This is an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year-- no end date.
  • Wednesday, March 5th:  Cookie Dough/Spring Snacks and Spring Bedding Plant fundraiser
  • Thursday, March 29th:  Spring Bedding Plant Fundraiser forms and money due (Notice that this date was pushed up a day.)
  • Friday, March 30th: Chaperone/Money Allocation form (found at the bottom of the initial Branson information) due.  Cookie Dough/Spring Snacks forms and money due.  
  • Friday, April 13th:  Spring Bedding Plant orders come in.  Parent pick-up location TBA
  • Friday, April 20th:  Cookie Dough/Spring Snacks are delivered.  Parent pick-up location TBA
  • Wednesday, April 25th:  Full payment due ($140/student, $70/chaperone)
  • Saturday, May 5th:  Branson trip!!  :)