OSSAA Regional Marching Contest

Wednesday, October 30th @ NEOSU - Tahlequah

The number of buses available has not been determined for this contest yet. Bus assignments will be subject to change depending on availability.  Regardless of how many buses we take, buses will stay at the contest site. Band will not have to wait on routes to finish before being able to return. 

Students should bring full water jugs at the start of the day. 

Morning Rehearsal X's 7:45 - 9:00 am

Shorter, lighter rehearsal

Load Trucks & Uniform Check Out 9:15 am

Uniforms will go on uniform racks for this contest. We will be using the regular marching band uniform for this contest - not the show performance uniform. 

We may not use all the props for this contest. Which props (and the number of equipment trucks) that are used will be defined as the contest gets closer. 

Load Buses 10:15 am

Students should be dressed in Maroons & Grays.

Depart 10:30 am

Lunch on buses enroute to Tahlequah

Arrive & Unload 12:00 pm

Buses & Drivers will be staying in Tahlequah with us throughout the day. Make sure and thank the drivers as they have gone out of their way to make sure we get to still come to this contest. 

Changing facilities will not be available. Students should have proper attire on and be able to change into uniform. Students should be very careful when changing into uniforms. You cannot get grass stains on any part of the uniform, particularly the pants.

Plumes & Gauntlets and Block Up 1:15 pm


Transit to Warm Up 1:15 pm


Warm Up 1:30 pm


Transit to Stadium 2:00 pm


Performance 2:15 pm

Returning to camp to load instruments, uniforms, and equipment. Snacks would be given to students upon departure. 

Estimated Departure for Jenks  4:00 pm


Estimated Return to Jenks 5:30 pm