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September 27, 2012

Saturday Morning Rehearsal Added

A morning rehearsal has been added for this Saturday in preparation for the Owasso invitational contest. The rehearsal is scheduled from 7:00 am - 9:00 am. The rehearsal was originally requested but not approved by the school so it was not on the itinerary. With all the rain and loss of rehearsal time I put in an emergency request asking permission to rehearse. We were very concerned about not being ready for Saturday's competition. Students were informed of the possibility on Wednesday. I waited to receive confirmation from the athletic department before posting on the website and sending an eNewsletter blast.

The athletic department was gracious enough to allow us to add this so that we can have that extra time to be prepared. We are only able to use the field until 9:00 am so there is an hour layover before loading times begin. Students are welcome to stay at the band room if they so choose during this time or parents can take them home or go somewhere to eat. Just make sure to be back in time for loading. Click HERE to view complete itinerary.

My apologies for the late notice. I don't like to do that and I know changing the routine at the last minute is an extra burden on families and making arrangements, but I am very thankful we get to have this extra rehearsal. It will make a difference in the student's confidence by adding needed reps. I do understand that the kids will be tired from the game Friday night and that this adds to an already full schedule for Saturday. Those factors were taken into consideration when determining whether to have the extra rehearsal or not. We have had Saturday morning rehearsals before (even after away games) so I am confident that the students will be able to handle it. Again, I do apologize for the last minute addition/notification and any hardships that may be created. I will not make a habit of this.

We do look forward to seeing how the students will do at their first contest. We hope you will enjoy the show tomorrow night and competition on Saturday.

Scott Hillock