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June 29, 2012

Trip Fund Policy Changes

The trip fund policy has undergone significant changes.   These changes will affect how/when students are expected to pay for our significant out of state trips and what will happen if timely payment is not received.

Click HERE to see new trip policy. 

Students will now be required to "opt in" for significant out of state trips.  All students are encouraged to participate in these trips.   The first "opt in" will be for our October 2012 St. Louis trip.  This form will be included in band student handbook distributed by Mr. Hillock at start of school.  Form must be returned to Mr. Hillock by August 24, 2012.   If a student "opts out" on form they will not travel on trip or be expected to pay for trip. Students opting out will not be have their grade penalized.

All students "opting in" will be expected to pay entire balance in full by due date (September 28, 2012 for 2012 St. Louis trip).  Students opting in, which have not paid entire trip balance by due date will not be allowed to travel on trip.  Scholarships are available for financial hardship situations.  Form should be obtained from Mr. Hillock and returned no later than August 28, 2012 for scholarship consideration.

St. Louis trip is expected to cost approximately $350-$375.  Final cost will be published as soon as all trip details have been determined.   The first draw of $200 will be made to trip accounts on Monday, August 27, 2012.  Amount should be considered due no later than the date of our mandatory parent meeting on September 4, 2012. 

The second "draw" in the amount of $150-$175 will be made on September 24, 2012.  It is due no later than Money Friday on September 28, 2012.   Remember, your child will not be allowed to travel to St. Louis if full payment is not received by September 28, 2012.  Refer to band student handbook distributed by Mr. Hillock for grade ramifications for opting in, but not traveling due to non-payment or ineligibility.

Please remember, for personal budgeting reasons, you may make payments to trip account before they are due.  Parents are encouraged to start making payments prior to the deadlines referred to above.  You may make partial payments or even pay for trip in full if desired.

If you have any questions regarding student trip accounts, you may email me at

Best Regards,
Cindy Downs
Trip Fund Manager