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June 28, 2012

Trojan Pride Fireworks Stand Update

Firework stand is up and in full operation. The stand is located on South Elm and 106th street. Make sure and stop by to make all your firework purchases there to help out the band.

The Jenks Trojan Pride was recently a part of KRMG local news story dealing with fireworks stands and new city ordinances. Click HERE to read that story.

Folks, GET READY for the busy days at the Fireworks stand. Please drink your water...can't say that enough. HELP us get the word out - email, text, Facebook. Like the Big Blast FB Page and Big Blast - Sand Springs. Get your friends and family to join in. They can win prizes. We need to drive the business to us at 106th & Elm, Jenks! The more we make...the more you make! We still have fliers we want out. If you haven't picked up cards to give out to family, friends and neighbors for the $50 Cash drawing, please do so tomorrow. Email me to find out how you can help without sitting in the heat.

Signs and Posters can be made. Would like some Patriotic music playing at the stand, there has to be someone creative that could help with that! (there is plenty of songs, that make us feel Pride in our country!) Help canvasing parking lots or neighborhoods with fliers. This could be done in early morning or late evening – cooler temps.

Email me to find out how you can help without sitting at the stand.
Please contact Rosa if you are interested in helping to get advertising flyers out. We have a few parking lots that need to be canvassed. We must do this ASAP before the competition gets going.

Regular updates concerning the fireworks stand are being sent through the website email newsletter. If you are not receiving those, you can sign up at the bottom of homepage of the website.

For any additional information, contact Rosa Beard at: