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October 02, 2011

HS Band Needs Help!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Parents and Band Community,

The Jenks Trojan Pride Marching Band is in need of manpower! We have had a relatively small group of parents that have been making the props and flags for our marching band show, "The Gates". We have gone to two contests with out using all our props and flags and it is hurting our scores at contests! We need your help. We need much more man power in order to get everything ready for our remaining contests.

Here is what we need:

For props, we still have to string the cross-members of the top beam and hang the fabrics on the props. This has to be completely finished before the regularly scheduled Thursday evening rehearsal. This is being done in the stadium behind the visitor's bleachers every evening this week from 5-10pm until it is finished. For additional details, contact persons are Dan & Teresa Merritt. Dan may be reached at or 918 318-0472. Teresa may be reached at or 281-794-1479.

For flags, we still have to finish up the swing flags used in part 3 and the flags used for the closer. Anyone who is able to sew or cut material is needed. This is being done in the Sharp Center Equipment Room, 3rd floor, room 330 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:30-9pm. They are also working on them right now- Sunday afternoon from 1-6 if you are able to come. Contact person is Robyn Brown. Robyn may be reached at or 918 406-8564.

Any and all help is much needed and appreciated. Come help make your Jenks Band successful!!!

Thank you - Scott Hillock, Director of Bands