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March 13, 2014

Collaboration 0n 3/27

On most collaboration days, the band will still rehearse (regardless of whether 1st hour is skipped or not). 5th hour is the class period being skipped this time. There is no advisory or block scheduling for the week. This means that we will be able to rehearse on Thursday.

For this collaboration, the band room will be unlocked at 8:30. Students do not need to be at school before then. Doors will be locked and students unable to get in before 8:30. Roll Call and Individual Warm Up will be 9:00 AM and Full Group Rehearsals will begin at 9:10 AM. The bell rings at 10:28 AM to end 1st Hour. Band students will be released at 10:20 AM to allow enough time to put instruments away and make it to 2nd hour on time.