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March 27, 2013

Quick Trip Taste Test Fundraiser

Calling All Taste Testers!!!!

Do you like Quik Trip? Do you like food? Do you want to affect the convenience store market food campaign in a very profound way?

Okay, okay, that last one is a stretch!  BUT!!!  Do you want to help raise $2,500 for the band toward the 2013 Fall contest trips????  And, do you have 30 minutes to spare???

That's all it takes!  Our Jenks Band Parent Club is in agreement with a Consumer Logic, a marketing firm for Quik Trip, to provide taste survey candidates.  What is a "taste survey candidate", you ask?  It is an individual that is willing to do the following to help the band raise $2,500 (did I mention it's $2,500???)

Provide us with your name, age, sex and phone number

When called, answer a few short questions to confirm this information

When called, be available to schedule a short 30 minute session at the Quik Trip corporate headquarters (51st & 129th E Ave) on Saturday, April 6th.

Consumer Logic will be conducting taste surveys throughout the day, so the times are flexible.  I, myself, participated in one of these surveys to help support the Broken Arrow Community Theater.  It was quick, easy and fun!  And it only took 30 minutes!!  Wow!!

So, here's the thing.....if we can provide this firm with a list of ~200 individuals, they will contact these individuals in the plan to secure 144 individuals to participate.  If after the survey, we have 144 individuals participate.....we receive a check for $2,500!!!  All of this money will be applied directly to the fall trips to offset the cost for students.

Here is where you come in.......

Please share this information with anyone and everyone that you feel would like to help support the band in this way.

All they (and you) need to do is go to the following link ->

Survey candidates MUST be 18 years of age or older.

The deadline for signing up is, March 28th. (I know that this is short notice, but another group backed out of the opportunity and it was given to us, so we thought we would GO FOR IT!) :-)

Please note again, there are many activities going on April 6th that are very important to the band.....The OKPAS Day of Percussion Festival, the Winter guard State Championship and flower pick up for fund raising. But, remember, the survey candidates do not have to be limited to "just" band parents.....please forward this information out to any and all folks that you believe would enjoy this activity.Provide your Name, Age, Sex, and Best Contact phone number

Take the call from Consumer Logic when they call to schedule your survey time (their number is 918-665-3311)

And.....participate in the survey on the 6th of April.

Please share this link with EVERYONE you can so that we can make sure that we hit the 200 individual mark!!! Friends, family members, close associates, friends that like Quik Trip, friends that don't like Quik Trip....anyone that is willing to carve out 30 minutes of their day on Saturday, April 6th to help raise this money. (Participants CAN NOT work for Quik Trip.)

Thank you!!

Darren Kelsey