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February 12, 2013

Bond Issue Passes


Thank you to all the band parents who went out and voted. Bond money totaling more than 11 million dollars was passed by more than 75% on Tuesday. New instruments and equipment will be purchased for the band program once bond money is made available.


The 2012 Bond Issue will be coming up for vote on Tuesday, February 12. A sizeable amount of money is included in this issue for band instruments and equipment to be used at East & West Intermediates, the Middle School, and the High School.

For more information about the bond issue on the JPS Website, click HERE

Dear Band Parents,
As the “Voice of Trojan Football” for the past 20 years, I am calling on my friends of the #1 Band in the State of Oklahoma, to partner with me and “Get out the Vote” on the Tuesday, February 12, Jenks Bond Election
Here’s Why:
Fact #1     Union – Feb, 2012 Bond Issue – 79% passage
                  Jenks – Feb, 2012 Bond Issue – 61% passage (60% is needed to pass)
Fact #2    There is an organized “No” vote led by people who do not even live in our district!
Fact #3    We came dangerously close in 2012 of failing our bond issue. That’s right, a few more “No” votes or a  few less “Yes” votes, and the jealous detractors of Trojan success would have celebrated a victory.  I do not think for one minute the Redskins are more supportive of their school than the Trojans, but they are making the effort of getting to the polls and we are not. Come on!, you know if Union has 79%, Jenks should have 80%.
Here are the items on the 2013 Bond Issue:

School Safety Improvements – With the tragic events in Connecticut and Colorado, is there any more important issue than the safety of all our children, Pre K-12? Jenks again is taking the lead in Oklahoma for school safety and improvements are needed to make our district secure. Items: Security Door Entries, Security Cameras, Campus Police equipment

“Save the Rock” – An historic landmark built during the depression, this gymnasium is still one of the most widely used facilities in the district and needs renovation. What a great reminder of the history of Jenks and JPS, it deserves to be a lasting monument to the Trojan tradition.

Boys/Girls Golf Locker Room/club storage Boys and Girls golf teams, unlike other Jenks Varsity teams,  have no place to dress, no bathrooms, no place to store personal belongings, no club storage, no parking. This will allow them to have, what every Jenks team has to compete in 6A golf.

Textbooks, Technology, Child nutrition, Maintenance, Media equipment – All these improvements are district-wide and needed to keep our schools top in Oklahoma. Let’s stay at #1 

Remember they are “YOUR” Jenks Trojans, let’s keep our momentum, get to the polls on Tuesday, February 12.
Bill Roller, Voice of “Your” JenksTrojans