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October 30, 2012

Concert Attire Information Updated

Information regarding concert attire has been updated.

Ladies have been measured and fitted for dresses which are directly ordered through the band parents. All ladies will be purchasing the new style of dress. For those who have had to buy two dresses, you will be able to sell back your dress to the band parents organization to recoupe monies spent on two dresses. Dresses have been ordered and will arrive in time for the December concert.

Gentlemen will continue to be fitted through a local retail store. In the past we have used JC Penney, but they have discontinued the style we are using. Tuxedos may now be purchased from Alyssa's @ 6808 S. Memorial Drive. They carry all sizes and have plenty of stock. If you currently have a tuxedo and it still fits, there is no need to purchase a new one. For those who just need certain parts of the tux (shirt, cummerbund, etc.), that is available as well. Make plans to go to Alyssa's soon as the first concert is December 13th.

All concert attire will need to be paid for before the December concert.

All current concert band information is  available on the CONCERT BAND PAGE.