It sets itself the goal of building an indestructible fake watches

G-SHOCK was born in 1981 and started to provide a solution to a problem: an engineer dropped it and broke the clock. This fatality was a shock for the brand, which set itself the goal of creating an indestructible replica watches, so robust as to resist all kinds of impacts. Two years later, in 1983, the first G-SHOCK replica watches was marketed, a robust, shock-resistant meter.

Born after 200 prototypes, this first replica watches revolutionized the concept of fragile and delicate wristwatches. Since then, Casio has stayed true to the “Absolute Toughness” concept of the rugged and robust replica watches uk brand G-SHOCK. 35 years later the figures confirm it: G-SHOCK has closed the month of August 2017 with more than 100 million watches sold worldwide.

Movement: digital. Accuracy of + - 15 seconds per month. Case: resin with shock resistance construction. Dimensions 57.5 x 53.4 x 18.4 mm. 75 gr (DW-5635C) weight. Hermetic 200 m. Back of the case engraved with the 35th anniversary logo G-SHOCK. Dial: red LCD screen. Functions: 1/100 second replica watches, world time with 31 time zones (48 cities and coordinated universal time), daylight saving on / off, time change in each city, countdown, 5 daily alarms and hourly signal, full calendar automatic (until 2099), 12/24 hours format, super LED lighting with back brightness, 12/24 hours format, signal on / off operation button. Bracelet: red color decorated with the emblem of the star G-SHOCK that represents the 35 years of the anniversary.

With this commemorative edition G-SHOCK Red-Out 35 Anniversary collection, the Japanese firm reaffirms its identity and immortalizes a history linked to elements such as the hardness, durability and innovative features of replica watches its digital watches. And all at an affordable price of € 139