35th Anniversary Edition replica Watches Design

The Red –Out 35th Anniversary collection is dressed to celebrate its 35th anniversary in an elegant matte red color. A resplendent shade for which G-SHOCK has used an innovative coating technology that incorporates replica Rolex watches particles into the paint. In addition, the dials (LCD screens) are also red and are combined with black metallic elements for the case back and the bracelet fixings.

To maintain the design of this commemorative edition of Red –Out 35th anniversary watches, G-SHOCK has engraved on the back of the case the 35th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze. The creator has perfectly translated the values ​​of the concept “Absolute Toughness” (Absolute Resistance) of the Japanese brand. In addition, this graphic artist has designed a star that is present on treplica Watches he rubber strap.

Movement: digital. Accuracy of + - 15 seconds per month. Case: resin with shock resistance construction. Dimensions 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm (DW-5635C) and 53.2 x 50 x 16.3 mm (DW-6935C). 53 gr (DW-5635C) and 67 gr (DW-6935C) of weight. Hermetic 200 m. Back of the case engraved with the 35th anniversary logo G-SHOCK. Dial: Red LCD screens. Features: 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown, alarm, automatic full calendar (up to 2099), 12/24 hour format, backlit backlight, flash alert. Bracelet: red color decorated with the emblem of replica watches the star G-SHOCK that represents the 35 years of the anniversary.